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dc.creatorUribe-Gil, Jorge Mario
dc.descriptionSe estudia el mercado accionario colombiano entre los años 2001 y 2005 en términos de liquidez y tamaño. Hace comparaciones frente a Chile y Brasil.
dc.description.abstractRecent months have seen a much larger influx of funds into the Colombian stock market. For example, pension fund mangers (PFM) added Col$5.84 trillion (t) to their stock market investments between 2002 and 2006 (Financial Market Superintendent, 2007), and foreign portfolio investments (short and long term) are up by US$1.213 million (m) (Banco de la República, 2007), with a major portion going to the stock market. This has sparked some important changes in the price of paper traded on that market, which means more risk. However, it also represents an opportunity to empower capital-market development. A stock market that is more profound offers new possibilities for financial-sector development and economic growth in general. This situation obliges us to look at some of the indicators of stock market development (size, liquidity, concentration, risk, integration and efficiency) and to compare them to the international level. The principal findings for 2006 are summarized in the tables included in this article (Tables 1, 2 and 3).
dc.format.extent9 páginas : gráficas, tablas
dc.publisherBanco de la República de Colombia
dc.relation.ispartofDocumentos de Trabajo
dc.relation.ispartofseriesTemas de Estabilidad Financiera
dc.relation.isversionofTemas de Estabilidad Financiera ; No. 28
dc.rights.accessRightsOpen Access
dc.subjectFlujos de fondos
dc.subjectMercados financieros
dc.titleIndicadores básicos de desarrollo del mercado accionario colombiano
dc.title.alternativeBasic indicators of colombian stock market development
dc.typeWorking Paper
dc.subject.jelD53 - Financial Markets
dc.subject.jelF40 - Macroeconomic Aspects of International Trade and Finance: General
dc.subject.jelD81 - Criteria for Decision-Making under Risk and Uncertainty
dc.subject.keywordCash flows
dc.subject.keywordFinancial markets
dc.subject.lembBolsa de valores -- Colombia -- 2001-2005
dc.subject.lembRiesgo (Economía)
dc.subject.lembBolsa de valores -- Estudios comparados -- 2001-2005
dc.type.spaDocumentos de trabajo
dc.rights.spaAcceso abierto
dc.rights.ccAtribucion-NoComercial-CompartirIgual CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
dc.subject.jelspaD53 - Mercados financieros
dc.subject.jelspaF40 - Aspectos macroeconómicos del comercio y las finanzas internacionales: Generalidades
dc.subject.jelspaD81 - Criterios para la toma de decisiones con riesgo e incertidumbre
dc.type.hasversionPublished Version
dc.source.bibliographicCitationDemirgüç-Kunt, A.; Levine, R. (1995) “Stock Markets and Financial Intermediaries: Estlized Facts”, The World Bank Policy Research Working Paper, núm. 1462, Banco Mundial.
dc.source.bibliographicCitationGaravito, C. (2006) “De club de caballeros a foro electrónico de negociación: un análisis institucionalista denso de la Bolsa de Valores de Colombia”, Working Paper Series, Princeton University, núm. 06-08f.
dc.source.bibliographicCitationUribe Gil, J. (2007) “Caracterización del mercado accionario colombiano 2001-2006: un análisis comparativo”, Borradores de Economía, núm. 456, Banco de la República.
dc.rights.disclaimerLas opiniones contenidas en el presente documento son responsabilidad exclusiva de los autores y no comprometen al Banco de la República ni a su Junta Directiva.
dc.relation.numbertef 28

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